What is the site about?

GamerProgress.com is designed to display Edgeworld players and their levels. The data here is updated once a week on Saturdays mornings. It's not connected to or endorsed by Kabam. It's a player created app to give other players more information about thier progress and the weekly progress of thier alliance members. I have started a forum thread about this site so it can be open for discussion if you want to talk about anything regarding GamerProgress.com.

What is Edgeworld?

Edgeworld is a multiplayer tower defense game by Kabam. Originaly released on Facebook and Google+ but is now offered directly through Kabam.com. All the graphics on this site are straight out of the game. So if this site has peaked your interest check out the game on kabam.com and be ready to have fun and get involved with dynamic alliances in the battle for territory and resources. Of cource, check back here to watch your player's and your alliance's progress.

Where is all this data coming from?

To answer that you can check out a short blog that I wrote explaining how I am working with the Edgeworld API. There are also a few you tube videos explaining how I get the data.

Incorrect Data?

I would like to thank those that have contacted me regarding incorrect data for your sector. I don't have a method to verify the data for all sectors but I hope that with the server merges I will have less sectors to verify. As I mentioned data is updated once a week so if your player level is slightly off don't worry about it. Other than if your data appears incorrect please email me at GamerProgress@gmail.com and let me know your sector, alliance, and player name and what is wrong.

Other Important Edgeworld Related Information

For troop stats and other Edgeworld related information check out the Edgeworld wiki.

If you have in game difficulties you can contact Edgeworld support directly.

To understand what you are agreeing to by playing games on Kabams.com check their Terms of Service. Another good read that you should at least pretend to look at is the Forum Rules of Conduct.